Tien Thanh Beach Phan Thiet Vietnam

21/10/2022 | 914

The beach in Tien Thanh is beautiful and clean. It boasts warm and pure water, white sand stretch, gentle waves as well as scattered cliffs.

Tien Thanh Beach runs along the coastal road DT719 from Phan Thiet city to Ke Ga lighthouse. Take a break from the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City, going to Phan Thiet and relax on this pristine stretch of sand in Binh Thuan Province

Travel to Tien Thanh Beach, spend your time for reading, sleeping and swimming in the warm ocean. Stay in Tien Thanh, you can enjoy many outdoor activities like swiming, going fishing or just wandering along the beach to sightseeing the beautiful of nature. Around sunset, head to the shophouse range of NovaWorld Phan Thiet for a drink and a tasty meal.

Escape the crowds of local people and tourists from the centre of Tien Thanh Beach toward Ke Ga lighthouse, this isolation is its charm. The beach area of beautiful rocks called Jumping Rock Bay or Rock garden due to its numerous stones and cliffs in different shapes and sizes such as long, short, square, round, etc. They are stacked with each other to create a spectacular picture for every tourist to contemplate.

Enjoy sunbathing or play beach games on the wide soft sands and then cool off in the ocean. There are often small waves to jump over as they break gently on the shore. Rent a kayak or windsurfer from one of the resorts at the beach and head out to sea for a beautiful view back toward the sand hills.

Located in the center of Tien Thanh beach, there is the most famous entertainment complex in Phan Thiet Binh Thuan. NovaWorld Tien Thanh Phan Thiet - a super city of tourism, health and entertainment stretching 7km by sea located on Lac Long Quan street, Bikini Beach, Tien Thanh, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

Coming to NovaWorld, visitors will be able to relax in the midst of fresh nature, enjoy a full range of services from health care, beauty, entertainment, shopping, food, indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Tien Thanh Beach is located a short distance from Phan Thiet city. Take a taxi or rent a bike or private car to the beach. Several resorts at Tien Thanh have sun loungers and umbrellas which you can use for free.

The Hotels Around Tien Thanh Beach Close To NovaWorld Phan Thiet:

Azerai KeGa Resort

Radission Resort Tien Thanh

Rock Water Bay Beach Resort

Golden Coast

Villa De Sol

Sonata Resort

Champa Resort

Sky Star Resort

The famous place to visit around Tien Thanh beach resort area

From the resort area on Tien Thanh beach, it takes about 45 minutes to reach Ta Cu Mountain. On the top of mountain, there is the pagoda and reclining Budha statue that you should not miss. You can go to the mountain top in a cable car and see the treetops from your seat for a small fee.

Or you can try the challenging climbs if you should be in good health. The environment at the summit is calm and peaceful with a restaurant, vendors selling food and drinks, and monkeys to spot.

There are two famous pagodas at the top of mountain: Linh Son Truong Tho and Linh Son Long Doan. The main attraction, however, is the giant, stark white Reclining Buddha, 49-meter long and 11-meter tall, built in 1962 and completed after nearly four years.

Special mention if you suffer from vertigo, be warned that the cable car journeys both up and down the mountain give you magnificent views and amazing photographs, but may be intimidating for those who have a fear of heights.

This trip includes walking. Come dressed in light clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a cap, sun cream, sunglasses, and your camera so you can enjoy the tour.

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