Mui Ne Mineral Mud Center

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Mui Ne Mineral Mud Center is the first place to develop mineral mud bath therapy in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam


Mui Ne Hot Mineral Mud Centre is located at 133A Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Mui Ne, Vietnam, about 15km from Phan Thiet centre and 215km from Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors visit Mui Ne Hot Mineral Mud Centre not only for sightseeing but also relaxation with physical therapy and treatments.

Hot mineral mud baths are known to many people as natural beauty treatments to help you have a fresh, smooth skin. Mineral mud bath also helps to remove toxins from the body, helping you really relax and recover health after visiting a lot of famous tourist attractions in Mui Ne.

Mud bathing is a popular form of health and beauty care recently. Mud is formed from natural substances and elements. A natural product of the earth”s environment, due to biological degradation of organic substances (herbs, plants and flowers) through biochemical processes with nearly 40,000 years of age.

Mineral mud includes organic, inorganic, carbon-free substances. Mineral mud has a dark black color, most of them are fragrant, acidic, can absorb water.

Mui Ne Mineral Mud Center is located on a high hill near the center of Mui Ne Tourist Area, 17ha wide area is covered with many trees and flowers The grass creates a scene of fresh natural colors, from here visitors can see the beautiful beach of Mui Ne. 

With a variety of services such as: Special hot mineral mud immersion; Mui Ne hot mud bath; Mineral bath with aromas and fresh flowers, peaceful hydrotherapy, mineral pool, mineral water jaccuzi ... In addition, there is a full body massage with aromatherapy, Thai massage, hot stone, mineral mud, aloe vera, foot , belly...

Experiences Mineral Mud Bath in Mui Ne
- Treat yourself with a day of relaxation and try the mud baths at Mui Ne mineral mud center
- Let your body enjoy the healing properties of their mud baths including skin rejuvenation and relief from stress
- Choose from their wide variety of packages, public pools, private mud baths...
Come to Mui Ne Hot Mineral Mud Center you will enjoy the feeling of relaxation, smooth skin, refreshing spirit and enjoy delicious sea food from the restaurant here.

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